Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Easter Ladybug Gift Baskets just in time for the Easter Bunny!

This video shares some of our newest Ladybug Items
to include Easter Ladybug Gift Baskets


Hi Bonnie with Ladybug Gift Store bringing some new Ladybug inspired Decorations and Gifts. The first two are for Easter. They are cute little Easter Decorations or Gift Baskets.. This is a pair of ducks that come packaged in our Ladybug and Butterfly Purse Gift Bag that has the Ladybug and the Butterfly on the front and is very colorful. Comes wrapped in clear cello with a white ribbon. And these cute little fuzzy ducks make quacking noises, both of them make quacking noises. This is a Lamb and Ladybug Chocolate Item for Easter. Also comes packaged in our Ladybug and Butterfly Purse Gift Bag. Has an adorable fuzzy Lamb that makes baahing noises. Comes with a Box of Six Ladybug Chocolates that includes the Ladybug Legend. Has some wonderful folklore as to why Ladybugs bring Good Luck. Also comes packaged in clear cello with white ribbon.

The next item is a wonderful new Ladybug Party Item. It is a Ladybug Favor Box. It comes flat, as you can see. Assembly is very easy. The bottom, you fold in the large tab, followed by the two smaller tabs, and then close it together with the fourth tab to make the bottom. The top is just adorable. It has black and white dots. And then to close it up, you just close it up like a regular box. And then fluff up the Ladybug Wings to give it some additional dimensional effect. The top just fits right over the bottom. Perfect for a small gift. Would make just a wonderful decoration on a party table.

The last item is a Ladybug Hair Clip. This is two hair clips in one. The top is a Ladybug and the bottom is a bowtie. It is really wonderful colors, red and white. The Ladybug unclips from the bowtie so they can be worn separately or together.

If we can help you with your Ladybug Shopping, please give us a call. Our contact information is posted on o the website and have a fantastic Ladybug Day!

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